Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Come to realise about it,I didn't update my blog since CNY! o.O My goodness~

1st thing - Lazy
2nd thing - Lazy also...
3rd thing - Still lazy~

Anyway,will update soon! Stay tune! :)

Monday, January 24, 2011


Wishing each and everyone of you a very


May this New Year bring newly found prosperity, love, happiness and delight in your life. :)

*p/s: This picture is taken by myself using my SE AINO!! Not bad eh my skill! :P

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tok Tok Qiang!!!

Exam is finally over!!!To be honest,I was like living in a HELL through out these 3 weeks period of exam!Grrrr~ == Forget about the exam as Im now are totally FREEEEE and the first day of my holiday officially starts today! :D

Say bye bye to my notes.No class 'til MAY!That's so awesome!!! I will be working as intern in CitiBank for 3 months together with some of my coursemates but all in different departments. :) Oh yeah~~~

CNY is around the corner,have all of you buy your new year clothes???:P

ME WANT ANG PAOs!!!!!!!! Nyek nyek nyek~

Gong Hei Fatt Choi in advance ya!!! :))))

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Little Shamel finally turned 5 this year,which means,it's time for him to go to kindergarten! :) He's currently studying at On Pong Kindergarten which is very near to our place.

This is his ugly smart uniform. :P On Pong~ =/

His books and pencil box.All provided by the kindergarten itself.FYI,not FOC punya ahhhh...==

That's him!Getting ready to go to school! :)

Time flies~ It's like just yesterday I brought him back to my house when he was a baby and now he's going to school already.My little brother is now a BIG BOY! :D Im soooo old~ =/

Look how cute he is when he was a baby! Awwww~

Dear Shamel,I hope you enjoy your schooling time together with all your little friends there. :) If there's anyone bully you,TELL ME! Jie jie will PAK him/her! ;) can just kick their butt like how you used to kick mine when you're at home! ><

Thursday, December 30, 2010

December - a joyful month

First of all, I wanna apologize for abandon my blog for such a long time.It's been a month I never update anything I guess.Hmmm...Anyway,today Im gonna blog about what I did in DECEMBER! :)

The picture below doesn't seem to match with the title of my blog though b'coz it was not joyful at all.=/ Well,my baobei accidentally twisted his wrist when he was playing futsal with his cousins.

This was how he looked like when he went to the hospital for X-ray. ><

Now he was all okay! :)

We went shopping together to buy Christmas presents.His sis,Natalie tagged along too.So,there was this shop - National Geographic in Lot10.Nothing special about it actually.However,we saw alot of these yellow-box thingy with nice scenery behind it and they captured our attention to snap some pictures before leaving. :)

We were at AFRICA!Hakunama Tata!

We experienced "snowing" in Pavilion too. :) And,my hair smelled so badly b'coz of the so called "snow" (foam). =="

Done with the Christmas gifts shopping.Let's move on. :P

I followed my baobei to his Christmas family gathering in Klang.Finally I get to join them since I couldn't make it last year due to my injured knee.

Lotsa Christmas pressies!!! :)

Santa Jelly

You won't see kids playing TOYS anymore at this century...They play iPad instead!!! And I can tell you,they're even better than the adults!><

The group pic. :)


The one on the left was a CHICKEN WING THIEF!Beware~ =/

Us :)

One last shot with baobei's cousin,LiShan before we leave.

A week later,it's CHRISTMAS DAY itself!Yeah~

I wish all of you a very Happy Christmas once again and I hope you guys enjoy your Christmas!:)

I cut my hair too! :)

This time,my baobei's turn to join my Christmas family gathering in JB together with my cousins. :) It was his second time to be there as well.

More presents!!!!Woots! :)

My baobei bought my mom a Body Shop gift. (Im just tagged in to the picture...=/)

Present for my cousin,Stella. :)

Cousin sis bought a very special gift for me and my baobei. :) Thanks!

Last but not least,I got a surprise from HIM!!! :D Muacks!

Yes!He's a PIG!!!xD

The next day(Sunday),me and my baobei went to Singapore for SHOPPING SPREE!!!! :D Yup,just us 2! :)

We had MOS BURGER as brunch.Yum~

We met up with Rocky as well b'coz he was there with his brother. :)

We're inside the beautiful purple Christmas tree at Orchard road.Nice huh? :)

Our Singapore trip was absolutely fun and exhausted but it's all worth it. :) We shopped til we dropped!o.O" My baobei wanted to go back there again for another shopping spree...=="

It was the very first time for me to have this Christmas family gathering.To be honest,I really enjoyed it.I wish we could have more gatherings next year!:)

My dear little friend,Wei Chiew gonna turn 21th on 1st Jan but since everyone will not be free that day,so we planned a pre-birthday celebration for her. :)


Happy birthday in advance to YOU! :p

A group shot!

My DECEMBER seems fun huh? :P I would said it was a very happening month throughout the year of 2010!!!It was a BLAST! :D

Today's the last day of 2010.Let's hope for the best in 2011.God bless everyone and the mother earth. :)

So,how you guys gonna celebrate it? :P